The Unknown 

The story of one man, Alex, living alone in rural Indiana, experiences an encounter from an extraterrestrial. Still dealing with the loss of his wife, Alex tries going through his normal routine, until something starts haunting him. 


The script for The Unknown was written in the summer of 2018 and went through several revisions throughout the fall. In December of 2018 a shot list was created from the script and then a shooting schedule was created from the shot list. In the months leading up to production, props were bought from antique stores, Ebay, and Amazon. The dates of production were chosen to be January 19th-21st 2019.


A crew of roughly 18 people worked three full days to shoot principle photography. The shooting schedule was modified to work around a massive snow storm that caused the entire crew to sleep on location the first night. Principle photography was captured on a RED Scarlet with pickup shots using a Fujifilm XH-1.


Once principle photography was complete, all the assets were handed off to the editor Nick Kinder. Nick worked on the initial assembly with myself sitting in on several editing sessions a week. After the initial assembly was complete, editing went in rotations between Nick and myself, usually working in periods of one week. Once it was cut together we worked together on the score and I assembled all the sound design.

Shoting Schedule 

The Unknown Shot List - Shooting List (2