Producer | Director of Photography

The Loading Zone:

  • WBST Interstitial Program

  • 26+ Episodes (more every month)

  • 60 Seconds Long 

About the Show:

The Loading Zone is a 60 second Interstitial focuses on tech topics such as cameras, touch screens, solar power, and much much more! This interstitial airs between thirty minute episodes, state wide on Indiana Public Television, as well as in select other markets in Michigan and at the Rileys Children Hospital In Indianapolis, Indiana. This show is targeted to the age range of three to eight years old.

My Involvement 

I was the co-project manager and director of photography for the live action portions of this project.  As project manager I chose topics of episodes, helped over see script creation and storyboarding, produced the live action portions, and managed post on every episode. I worked closely with a team of animators to think up and create solutions. 


Writing content for such a young audience about topics as large as nuclear energy was a new challenge. Especially when you Luckily we had a great multidisciplinary team of writers that were